What’s the Deal With the Pineapple?

What’s the Deal With the Pineapple?

You’ve undoubtedly seen it, sitting peacefully in Downtown Bellefontaine, keeping watch over our beautiful city. Yet, do you know what it means? Do you know its background, the full story of how it came to us? You’re about to!

Of course, we’re talking about a pineapple. No, not just any pineapple, but the infamous pineapple that has quickly become Bellefontaine’s signature object. Well, here’s the tale you’ve been waiting to hear.

Once upon a time, back in 1977, when the three-tier, cast-concrete fountain was originally installed downtown, the plan was to place a bell on top. Why? Because of how Bellefontaine is both spelled and pronounced. Bell. Pretty clever, right? Not to mention, bells are a great representation of joy and freedom; they can even symbolize new beginnings.

Interestingly enough, the bell that was ordered was somehow accidentally sent to Hawaii. Yes, of all places for our bell to end up, it ended up in Hawaii, the Aloha State. So, while a town in Hawaii received our bell, Bellefontaine acquired that same town’s pineapple. To complete the fountain, the pineapple was installed in place of the planned-upon bell. Talk about improvising! (Other’s say that’s just an urban legend, but who’s really to say?)

Today, that pineapple seems very fitting and appropriate, perhaps more so than a bell.

As you may or may not realize, a pineapple immediately commands attention, what with its giant pinecone shape and voluminous crown. Though it once represented unreachable wealth, the piece of fruit now stands for warm welcomes, celebration, and hospitability. That sounds so much like Downtown Bellefontaine, don’t you think?

Further, Downtown Bellefontaine is nicknamed “Ohio’s Most Lovable Downtown,” putting that beautiful pineapple into more perspective. There is always something to do or see in Bellefontaine, and all—and we do mean all—are welcome to do it and see it. From shopping to dining to fine entertainment, every moment spent in Downtown, Bellefontaine feels like a celebration.

If you’re not a local but happen to be visiting, please note that this pineapple can be seen in front of the Logan County Courthouse in Bellefontaine, Ohio. We recommend taking plenty of pictures and documenting the fact that you got to see “the pineapple” in person! Doing so will definitely make your family and friends jealous. There you have it! Mystery solved! You now know all about Downtown Bellefontaine’s pineapple—how our city procured it, what it stands for, and why we’re honored to display it and be associated with it.