BootyMix GLOW Pop-Up: Bellefontaine

BootyMix GLOW Pop-Up: Bellefontaine

March 25, 2023 - March 25, 2023 11:00 AM — 12:15 PM
Main Street Marketplace

We’re bringing one sweat drenching, booty poppin’, soul quenching glow dance party to Bellefontaine, Ohio!

Warning! BootyMix may increase feelings of acceptance of your body and belief in your own ability and skill to conquer your biggest, boldest dreams. Proceed with caution. Not recommended for anyone who wants to play it small and live their life on the sidelines.

Aren’t you tired of playing by everyone else’s rules? Tired of second guessing what you say or how you’re perceived just to make sure you’re palatable for the masses? Do you feel numb from watering yourself down so much just to please those around you?

Culture and society have created rules around how we should be… including our sexuality, what we should wear, how we should look, how loud we are, and the roles we should play in our lives. It causes us to judge people based on what we see, causing us to feel judged, so we don’t feel safe showing our authentic selves.

That’s why we create a place where there isn’t a box. No labels. No right or wrong way to move your body or express yourself. A place where you can learn to love yourself just as you are and shed all the labels and bullshit you’ve been taught to believe. it’s time to free yourself and turn the volume up on your life.

Your ticket includes:

Intro to BootyMix: Booty Poppin’ Breakdown
1hr GLOW BootyMix Class w/ Amanda
Glow accessories!
BootyMix Swag available for purchase

What to Expect:
Bootymix is a high intensity, hip-hop dance fitness class that gives you the courage to move your body your way and feel comfortable in your own skin.

What to Wear:
Neon, bright vibrant colors!

What to Bring:
A water bottle and a sweat towel

The After Glow:
You’ll leave class with a better sense of self worth and honor for what your body can do. Your mind will be refreshed so you can walk out into the world with a new perspective and confidence to chase those big dreams.