Natal  Nourishment-A Prenatal Yoga Series with Mac

Natal Nourishment-A Prenatal Yoga Series with Mac

March 21, 2021 - March 21, 2021 1PM-2:30PM
115 N Main St, Bellefontaine, OH 43311

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Natal Nourishment, the first of the prenatal and postnatal/postpartum yoga series’ to be offered by Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Birth Doula, MacKenzie Myers Fitzpatrick in 2021.
This 5-week series offers pregnant individuals a journey of going inward for the purpose of observing the body, moving with intention, and gaining knowledge on the ways in which the body changes during pregnancy and birth. No yoga experience needed.
Over the course of the 5 weeks we will uncover topics such as:
-Expanding the Breath/Meditation practice
(deepening the breath, intention setting, tuning inward)
-Muscular Movement in Whole Body with Concentrations on the Pelvic Floor
(postures to promote contraction/relaxation, home practice resources)
-Comfort Measures Pregnancy/Labor
(massage, self, support of others, props, environment)
(consumption, sleep, stimuli, growing baby)
-Anatomical & Physiological Understandings
(shifts in mobility & comfort, hormonal changes, safety in the body)
Within each intimate hour and a half class, students will develop a rhythm of integrating the practices of breath, movement, comfort, and discussion in a calming environment at Homegrown Yoga. Each week diving a bit deeper in the rhythms while we dedicate time to discussing a new highlighted topic.
Mac provides an environment in which discussion of any issues, discomforts, concerns are honored, respected, and valued. Prioritizing the value of the inner-wisdom that each participant brings to this collective experience surrounding pregnancy and birth.
At the end of this 5 week series you will leave with a tool kit of experiential and informational resources to support you in your journey through pregnancy and transitions into parenting.
Wherever you are at in your pregnancy, you are welcome to join. Variations will be made to postures depending on gestational age, yoga experience, and physical ability.
This series will be offered in a sliding scale format, asking that you are mindful of your income, budget and the value of this experience in your journey.
Options are as follows:
A) $65
B) $75
C) $85
Book now through or by calling (937) 404-1461.
Sunday’s from 1-2:30 pm
Week 1 Feb 21
Week 2 Feb 28
Week 3 Mar 7
Week 4 Mar 14
Week 5 Mar 21
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are upholding our safety measures and limited the capacity of this class to 6 participants. Additionally, props at the studio are cleaned/laundered regularly. Homegrown Yoga also ensures air quality by running a HEPA filter during its hours of operation providing every participant with a healthy and safe experience.
Things to Bring/Wear:
-Mask (must be worn when up & moving)
-Yoga Mat
-Water Bottle
-Throw Blanket/Mexican Blanket from home (optional)
-Comfortable Clothes (that are easy to move in, comfortable for your body, & accommodating to any temperature changes your body may experience.)
We look forward to working with you on this journey!